The definition of affinity differs across disciplines, industries, and organizations; however, many over-arching ideas can be applied globally to various professions. AffinityAvenue.com looks at universal concepts that define affinity and can impact the bottom line.

I've had the good fortune of a wide variety of professional and volunteer experiences during my life. Given my broad background, on the surface it may seem that I have changed careers a number of times; however, there are common threads running through all my positions, one being affinity relations.

Corporate-buying programs to support retail managers
Dealer/distributor communications for an international manufacturer
Account executive roles for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) clients
Press relations with local, national, and trade media outlets
Employee communications with special emphasis on organizational change
Strategic service and product launches in new and existing markets
One-on-one interactions on trade-show floors
Developing and delivering targeted educational and professional workshops
Teaching credit classes to college students
Working with volunteers, including board members
Marketing college campuses to prospective students
Managing higher education alumni affairs programs
Supporting fund-raising activities targeting various donor groups
Event planning for religious, fraternal, professional, and non-profit organizations
Planning and executing social media initiatives to enhance outreach to different groups
Market research with C-suite (CEOs, CFOs, Corporate Secretaries, etc.), military leaders, government officials, and targeted professional and demographic groups among the general public
... through these and other experiences I have learned a great deal about affinities and affinity groups.

Here, in this blog, I will look at the experiences of others as well as myself, seeking common threads across disciplines, organizations, and industries that can help any professional or volunteer engaged in activities related to affinities and affinity groups. I will also look toward future trends that may affect affinity relations.

More information about me is located on my LinkedIn profile (linkedin.com/in/brendadow). I can be contacted for consultations, speaking engagements, and business opportunities at the following email address:

Brenda Dow is a specialist in Marketing, Advancement, and Business Development. She holds degrees in communications and human resources management, and blogs about the impact of affinities at http://www.AffinityAvenue.com.